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Malting Barley Report January 2017 published

The crop 2016 is performing well in all our malting houses and despite higher protein levels in Scandinavia – malt extract results are on high levels. Trading activities and also Brewers’ needs for new coverage seem to be on a low level.  Our expectation is that there is still a decent volume of malting barley … Read more

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Malting Barley Report January 2017 published

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Season’s Greetings

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October 2016 Malting Barley Report

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Browar Zakładowy

The story of Chrismas Tree Beer, brewed on smoked malt.

Browar Warmia

First Colorado IPA in Poland.

Malt of the month

Malt of the month

Viking Malt Wheat Malt

Sunny spring days are soon here, so it’s time to prepare for the Wheat beer season, at least to tune up your recipes.

Viking Malt Wheat Malt is produced from spring wheat.  Wheat goes through all the same process steps as done with barley malting.  Anyway, some special attention is needed during the germination because the shape of wheat kernels may promote very dense bed formation. Also the fact that the root let growth is modest keeps the wheat bed very tight. Due to this the temperature of the bed tries to rise easily. Especially during summer times there should be enough cooling capacity to perform controlled germination. Kilning end temperatures are in the area of 72-80C.

Viking Malt’s Wheat Malt is well modified malt giving easiness in the brewing process. There is enough “everything” and it works well in high percentages giving its own amylase activity into the brew. The Viking Malt Wheat malt gives good flavor with low coloring values.  The extract content is high.

Viking Malt Wheat malt is ideal for wheat beers, ales and special lagers. The usage rate is up to 100%.

We also offer smoked wheat malt if you want to spice up your beer. Smoke for this malt is from oak origin. Maybe you should try something really special with this malt… maybe Grodziskie, historical style of beer from Poland.

Beer of the month

Beer of the month

Wheat Beer


It is time to tune up your wheat beer recipes!


Wheat beer

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Read our first Malting Barley Report this year - January 2017!
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