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The world of malts is rich, not only because of the wide variety of production methods used in manufacturing different types of malts, but also due to the possibilities presented by the array of cereals used for malting and brewing.

By varying recipes, mashing programmes, types of yeast, and fermentation conditions, a brewer can create an assortment of different beers. Further variations can be achieved by using different malts.

See the recipes and brew reports crafted by our Brewmaster below.

Dark Lager

Dark all malt lager with full range of malts. Includes Viking Pilsner Malt, Viking Cara Plus 10, Viking Cara Plus 100 and Viking Munich Malts.

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Pale Ale – Wheat Lager

This recipe combines typical malts for top fermentation in a classical lager beer process.

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Single Malt beer

Pilsner Malt beer from Barke.

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We are at your service regarding all your questions about acquiring malts, whether you need one bag or a larger batch.

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Our malt selection

Do you want to try a new malt for your brew? Have a closer look at our malt selection!

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Ask our brewmaster

Wondering which malts to use in your IPA to give it a special twist? Want to know how certain malts behave? Ask our Brewmaster Raimo Koljonen.

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