Discovering the world of malt

Viking Malt is the world’s leading malting company of special malts. Our malts come from the pure fields of Northern Europe and are shipped all over the world to brewers both big and small. Our aim is to help devoted brewers around the globe to make beers that people tell stories about.

Our malt selection

Have a closer look at our wide malt selection!

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How to buy

We are at your service regarding all your questions about acquiring malts, whether you need one bag or a larger batch.

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Our people

Quality malt is born from a combination of curiosity and passion. We have them both.

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Meet our maltsters

See how we create our malts.

Meet our Maltsters

We are honored to be the world’s leading maltster of special malts.

Recipes and brew reports

We’ll help you make beers that people tell stories about. Find inspiration in our recipes and brew reports.

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Viking Malt pilot brewery

Are you creating a new beer or would like to test your new brew ideas? We can help you out.

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Our malthouses

Viking Malt is the leading Nordic malting company, producing premium malt grown in the northernmost regions of the world.

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Craft beer

Our collaboration with Saimaan juomatehdas.

Our Clients

We want to be in close cooperation with our clients

Story of Nordic Malt

See where our barley comes from.

Meet our Farmers

Every grain can be traced to the very farm where it came from.


The Development of Viking Malt sourcing in different countries

Organic Cultivation is demanding For cultivation of malting barley, an organic farming system means reaching a good barley yield together with high malting quality without any help of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Green manure grass, livestock manure and processed animal waste are used as fertilizer. Weeds are treated mechanically and kept under control with wide … Read more

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Spendrups Value the Organic

Spendrups Bryggeri AB is a family owned brewery in Sweden. The company has long traditions in brewing since 1897 and more than 900 co-workers. Today Spendrups is known for the quality beer brands and many insipirational, growing new brands like Pistonhead and Brutal Brewing. We asked the Head of Brewery, Richard Bengtsson, how he sees … Read more

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Organic Malt from a Quality Perspective – what is different compared with traditional products?

In Viking’s portfolio we also have many organic malts. What does ‘organic’ actually mean and what’s the difference between organic and conventional malts? Background and legislation Organic production means the use of a production method compliant with the rules established in Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007of 28 June 2007, at all stages of production, preparation and … Read more

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