New Special Malts from Viking Malt available for tasting and sampling at our stand B1-342 in Drinktec

Please come to visit us for premiere tasting and samples for following new Malts:

Viking Pale Cookie Malt -inactive but light colored toasted malt specially for low colored beers

Viking Golden Ale Malt -highly modified Ale malt also for premium Lagers

Viking Caramel Sweet and Viking Caramel Aromatic: very sweet and tasty caramel malts due to very high degree of caramelization

Viking Dextrin Malt – partly caramelized kilned malt to improve fullness and head retention of any beer
“Our new malts are true new entries to our already wide portfolio for all kind of brewers. The focus in the development of these new malts
was really on flavor and taste: f exmaltster the sweetness in our new caramel malts is on a totally new level. The increasing popularity of Ales and Premium Lagers was considered when designing these malts, too” says Brew Master Raimo Koljonen, who is the expert behind the new malts.

Raimo and our other malt specialists are present at the stand for whole week to discuss these new entries and our whole portfolio. Some of the new malts can be tasted also as beers from our own brewery.

Welcome to Discover the World of Malts with us!