The Vikings are exploring new raw materials and applications

Brewmaster Raimo Koljonen and R&D Manager Ilkka Kajala are evaluating some new potential raw materials

An increasing share of our special malt products are sold to bakeries, food manufacturers and pet food producers. We value innovation highly and are keen to explore new applications for malted and sprouted grains. At the same time, we are widening our product portfolio by introducing new raw materials and trying out new approaches. We borrow ideas from one application to another. Something that was originally planned for baking may turn out to work really well in brewing – and vice versa. Some of the most exciting prototypes we are working on right now have started as customer requests – finding the best possible malt is a shared effort!

Sensory evaluation is an important tool in our development work. We regularly evaluate both our existing products and new prototypes from our micro- or pilot-malting lab. Ground malt is evaluated in two formats: as such and mixed with water. The latter brings out a completely different world of flavors, compared to the dry malt. For brewing applications, we use our own pilot brewery to study how the new malt prototype contributes to the final beer.