During past years brewers have been seeking new solutions how to brew reddish beers with deeper color. As the demand seemed to be increasing all the time,  we took a catch from this challenge and started to create a new malt.

In our vision for this novel malt was that it is not just the color needed but there should also be enough amylase activity combined with the color that would enable higher dosage rates. We also targeted that this malt should effect positively into brewing process as it should be able to work with remarkable dosage rates even independently. This way we could give brewer’s good tool to really play with the malt and reach deep reddish color into their beers.

After the target setting we started to look after suitable malting barley varieties available for purpose, and after very thorough testing and R&D phase, we found couple of suitable barley varieties and also developed an unique malting process with special parameters. In the end we are very thrilled and happy what we have gained. We think that the new Viking Red Active Malt responds our set objectives perfectly.

Main features of Viking Red Active Malt

  • • Color value between 30–40°EBC measured from Congress wort. Hue is towards red or red amber.
  • • Thought the rather high color, amylase activities have remained close to a level we are used to with pilsner malt. This fact supports the use with big dosage rates, we can say up to 100%.
  • • Lower malt pH is guiding the mash pH into right direction and supports the mashing process.
  • • Rather high FAN level (> 160 mg / l) is supporting the yeast nutrition even with the 100% dosage rate in a malt bill.
  • • DMSP level is low, below 2,5 ppm.
  • • A slightly lower attenuation level give support for full bodied beers.
  • • Dosage rate up to 100%.


Based on our own test beers and feedback from our customers Viking Red Active Malt is suitable for red ales, dark lagers, festival beers, bocks but also special wheat beers for underlining malty flavors and full bodied mouthfeel and at the same time boosting up the red tinted colors. Also low alcohol beers benefit from the presence of Viking Red Active Malt. Malty taste and body after fermentation are typically wanted features.

At the moment we are more than happy how brewers have been accepting Viking Red Active Malt. If you have not tested this fabulous and unique malt yet, give it a try and SHARE YOUR BEER’S STORY #vikingmalt.


Viking Red Active Malt is available in 25 kg bags as standard and in bulk when required.

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