New Vice President Supply Chain appointed to Viking Malt Group

Tomasz Malec joins the Viking Malt Group Management Team in the beginning of February 2020 heading the Group Supply Chain function.

Previously Tomasz Malec worked as the VP Production in Carlsberg leading multiple sites in Poland and reporting to Carlsberg´s group Supply chain function in Switzerland. He started his career at Carlsberg in 2002 as Investment Manager and has also been the Brewery Director for Kasztelan and Okocim before starting in his current position.

Prior to that he has worked for Elkomtech, Danfoss and Computerland SA as well as Huta Aluminium Konin SA in different international leadership roles.

Tomasz Malec will drive the company strategy and continuously develop Viking Malt Supply Chain focusing on the sustainable operations and high quality customer service.

He holds a degree in engineering from Lodz University of Technology, Poland.

Tomasz Malec will be based in Warsow office.

Kasper Madsen

Announcement VP Supply Chain Feb 2020