Foundation Stone Laid: Construction Of The New Production Plant In Lahti, Finland, Is Progressing As Planned

Viking Malt has laid the foundation stone for its new production plant in Lahti. The plan is that the new malting house will start its operations in 2023. It is about 90 million euro project in size and the production capacity will be ca. 85 000 tons per year. Owner Pär-Gustaf Relander and CEO Kasper Madsen hosted the ceremony at the construction site on Pippo-Kujala industrial area.

The company is already over 130 years old and the key to success has always been to focus on high quality and to be open to innovation and new technology. The new plant is a continuation of this tradition. Building a new plant gives a unique opportunity to utilize the newest technology to both increase efficiency and to become more environmentally friendly. It will also enable Viking Malt to produce a variety of new products on top of the current selection.

“The world around is changing, technology develops and sustainability becomes more and more in the center of everything we do. We are doing our bit to shape this change and in doing so, we are undergoing our own transformation. Our culture and our values are the foundations for this.” says Pär-Gustaf Relander, owner of Viking Malt.

An important part of the ceremony was the time capsule, which was placed inside the symbolic foundation stone and contains among other a slide rule, grains and beans and a mask. These objects symbolize both the roots and the future of the company and remind us of the special time of Covid19 pandemic that has shadowed the start of building project. For that reason, a very limited number of guests where present in the event.

The time capsule and the representants from Construction Consultant Afry, Viking Malt and the Mayor of Lahti, Pekka Timonen. ​​​​​​​

Viking Malt sells its products globally to the food, beverage and brewing industries. The company has a long history, today guided by the 5 th generation of the same family.

Viking Malt Group has production in 5 countries: in addition to Finland there is a plant also in Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania as well as two plants in Poland. The production capacity is 600 000 t/a and the turnover of the group is appr. 250 million euros and the company employ appr. 260 employees. Viking Malt is the largest malting company in Scandinavia, 5 th largest in Europe and 9 th in the world. It is the leading company in specialty malt in the global market.
Viking Malt Group is owned by Polttimo (62,5 %) and Svenska Lantmännen (37,5 %).

Additional information:
Pär-Gustaf Relander, Chairman of the Board, +358 50 552 3955
Kasper Madsen, CEO Viking Malt Group, +45 22 14 20 10
Pia Valve, VP HR and Communications Viking Malt Group +358 40 7700090