Barley reports

The success of a harvest depends on many things. Excellent growing conditions are vital in producing quality barley. Climate in particular has a profound effect on the crop.

During the growing season, we continuously monitor changes in the environment and the development of the crop, as well as the status of the global malt market in order to ensure that we continue to produce high-quality malt for various purposes.

See where our malting barley comes from

Origins of our Barley


Malting is a precision demanding process, in which the natural raw materials and strong expertise come together. See, what it takes to create exceptional malt.

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Excellent beer cannot be brewed without quality malt. That is why we make every effort to maintain the high quality of our products and operations.

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How to buy

We are at your service regarding all your questions about acquiring malts, whether you need one bag or a larger batch.

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Our people

Quality malt is born from a combination of curiosity and passion. We have them both.

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