Our malt houses

The raw material for our malt grows in the northernmost farming areas of the world, where the circumstances for cultivation are absolutely unique. Our long-standing tradition in malting northern grains is reflected in the staunch expertise of our malthouses and in the quality malts they produce.

Viking Malt’s six malthouses are located in Halmstad, Sweden; Vordingborg, Denmark;  Lahti, Finland; Panevėžys, Lithuania and in Sierpc & Strzegom in Poland. They are close to the farming areas, so the distance from the field to the malthouse is short. We purchase most of our grain directly from local farmers, thus we can rest assured of the quality and origins of each batch of malt.

We sell our products globally to beverage, brewing, and baking industries.



Capacity: 200 000 tn
Constructed: 1997, 2002 – 2004, Seeger Saladin Towers
Location: West coast of Sweden, 120 km south of Gothenburg
Malts: Pilsner, Pilsner Organic, Distilling, Munich
Outloading: Sea going vessels, trucks
Packing: Bulk, Bags, Containers



Capacity: 120 000 tn
Constructed: 1996
Location: South Zealand, 90 km south of Copenhagen
Malts: Pilsner, Pilsner Organic
Outloading:  Trucks
Packing: Bulk, Bags, Containers

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Capacity: 80 000 tn
Constructed: 1965, 1978 and 1991, Horizontal Seeger, Lausmann
Location: Inland, 100 km north of Helsinki
Malts: Pilsner, Pilsner Organic Full Specials
Outloading: Truck, Railway
Packing: Bulk, Bags, Containers



Capacity: 90 000 tn
Constructed: 1978
Location: Inland, 125 km from Warsaw
Malts: Pilsner, Munich, Pale Ale, Pearled Barley
Outloading: Trucks
Packing: Bulk, Bags, Containers




Capacity: 80 000 tn
Constructed: 2004, Schmidt-Seeger
Location: Inland, 135 km north of Vilnius
Malts: Pilsner, Wheat, Dehusked Barley
Outloading: Truck, Railway
Packing: Bulk, Bags, Containers



Capacity: 40 000 tn
Constructed: 1896
Location: Inland, 400 km from Warsaw
Malts: Pilsner, Pilsner Organic, Full Specials
Outloading: Truck
Packing: Bulk, Bags, Containers


Malting is a precision demanding process, in which the natural raw materials and strong expertise come together. See, what it takes to create exceptional malt.

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Ask our Brewmaster

Wondering which malts to use in your IPA to give it a special twist? Want to know how certain malts behave? Ask our Brewmaster Raimo Koljonen.

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How to buy

We are at your service regarding all your questions about acquiring malts, whether you need one bag or a larger batch.

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Our people

Quality malt is born from a combination of curiosity and passion. We have them both.

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