Good beer might be a matter of personal taste, but the malt used in it must always be of the highest quality.

Without high-quality malt, brewing good beer is impossible.

That’s why we do everything to ensure the quality of our malts. We select our raw materials with care and monitor production closely. The quality and features of our finished products are certified in our laboratories.

Malting is the work of professionals. Ultimately, our skilled maltsters are the guarantee of our quality. We invest in their knowledge and education constantly.

When you purchase malt from us, you can be sure you’re receiving a quality product.

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Quality certificates

The quality assurance at Viking Malt is based on operations, which are in line with ISO 9000 standard  and supported with operations, which in turn fulfill ISO 22000 standard requirements in order to ensure the food safety issues. The basis for product quality is designed during the product development and production planning phase.

Click on the links to read more of the quality certificates that all our operations are based on.

You can find more certificates and info about malt and beer from our Library: https://www.vikingmalt.com/how-can-we-help/library/ 


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Barley reports

Do you want to know more about the raw material we are using for our quality products? Read here the latest crop information.

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Viking Malt Pilot Brewery

Are you creating a new beer or would like to test your new brew ideas? We can help you out.

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Laboratory services

Our laboratories provide a wide range of barley, malt and beer analyses according to Analytica EBC, IOB, and ASBC.

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