Research and development

Malting is working with nature, on its terms.
We constantly strive to discover more about our raw materials, as well as refine our performance.

The work of our R & D department results in expertise and high-quality knowledge.

R&D Viking Malt

Our ambition is to provide top-quality products. As well as taking care of the quality and safety of our raw materials and products, we also want to contribute to the development of new barley varieties for the benefit of our customers.

We want to produce added value for our customers by creating and processing understanding in malting and brewing – creating knowledge for innovations in the “barley to beer” chain.

Most of the trials for our in-house development and customer projects are conducted in Lahti, at Polttimo Technology Centre. We have a wide range of laboratory and pilot scale equipment available there, including micro and pilot maltings, a pilot roaster, a mini brewery etc.

Viking Malt works in R&D networks with customers, universities, and research institutes.

Our most important research partners are Brewing Laboratory PBL and VTT Research Centre of Finland. Brewing Laboratory is a research company owned by the Finnish breweries and malting plants. It is devoted to pre-competitive research and development in malting, brewing, and beverages.

Would you like to know more about Viking Malt’s R&D?

Please contact Viking Malt’s VP New Business Development Annika Wilhelmson.


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