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Viking Caramel Wheat


Caramel Wheat is made from green wheat malt by roasting. A high degree of caramelization is characteristic of this malt. The amylolytic activity of Caramel Malt is zero. Maillard products formed in the roasting process add creaminess, body, color and roasted wheat flavors. Caramel Wheat can be used to improve foam and foam retention. Caramel Wheat has sweet, malty, bready, dark toast flavor. 



Small amounts can be used for all beer styles using caramel malts such as IPAs, Pale Ales, low alcohol beers, wheat beers, Bock beers. Caramel Wheat Malts are well suited for color adjustment and flavor enrichment.



Caramel Wheat Malts suit well for color adjustment and flavor enrichment.

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