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Viking Pearled Black Malt

Pearled Black Malt is produced by roasting pearled pilsner malt. Barley husk is removed by pearling before malting and roasting. Malt has no amylolytic activity and the amount of fermentable extract is low. The flavor of Black Pearled Malt is harsh but less bitter than that of black malt or roasted barley. Burnt and smoky flavors are strong.


Pearled Black Malt is used in dark beers like stouts and porters, mainly for its strong coloring ability. Normally portions 1-2% give a remarkable increase in color without significant change in flavor. By raising the percentage of Pearled Black Malt in malt bill the changes in taste can be found quickly, but slower than for typical Black Malt. Dosage rates more than 10% are rare.


Malt has bitterness due to pearling and nice dark coffee color and aroma.

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