Our malt selection

Great beer is created by combining the right malts. You can find the ingredients for any type of beer from our selection – and if you can’t, please contact our Brewmaster. Our selection also offers malts for whiskey distilling and baking.

Our malt categories

Brewer's Classic

Our Classic malts are recommended for use as a base for a chosen beer type. In combination with our Special selection, any type of beer can be designed. These malts can be also used together with the right proportion of different adjuncts. Our Classic malts are high in enzymic power and pale in colour. Flavours are dominated by malty, nutty, and green notes.

Brewer’s Special

Brewer’s Special malts offer brewmasters a full selection of malts for designing Pils, IPA or any other brew. Typically these malts are low or nil in enzymic power. The usage rate of any specific malt depends mainly on that feature. Flavors are varied - from the cereal notes of the Munich malt, to the coffee aromas of our Chocolate malt.

Brewer's Organic

Our Organic choice for organic brews. No pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used in the chain of production. Carefully selected lots from the tested malting barley varieties that are suitable for organic cultivation. They possess the same primary malt characters as their non-organic twins.

Smoked Special

Tune up your product with our new malts with smoky character. The raw material for smoked malts has gone through the same acceptance procedures as all our other malts. These malts are smoked with novel equipment and technique. Origin of smoke is peat or wood.

Maltster's Signature

Would you like to have barley malted according to you wishes? Or do you wish to have your own malt blend? We malt the barley of your choice and make blends in accordance with your recipes. Our Brewmaster will help you design the malt of your dreams!

    Distiller's Choice

    Distiller’s malts grown under the midnight sun. Malt characters that fulfill the strictest requirements of any whiskey recipe. High in enzymic power and alcohol yield.

    Signature Food Ingredients

    Are you looking for natural, cereal ingredients for your beverage, dairy or snack food products? We develop tailored solutions based on sprouting, malting and roasting. Join us in bringing the goodness of the nutritious cereal grain into new and exciting applications. See also our sister company Senson’s malt extracts: www.senson.fi

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      We’ll help you make beers that people tell stories about. Find inspiration in our recipes and brew reports.

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      How to buy

      We are at your service regarding all your questions about acquiring malts, whether you need one sack or a larger batch.

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      Senson is a Finnish malt and cereal extract producer offering its customers wide range of different malt extracts and enzymes including organic and gluten free products. Senson’s special extracts are GMO free and contain no additives (E codes).