Privacy Policy

Viking Malt is committed to keeping personal data confidential and secure and to processing personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation regarding data security and protection of privacy. This data protection statement details how Viking Malt collects and uses the personal data acquired from its website.

Use of cookies
We use cookies on the website. Cookies are files that web servers send to your web browser and which are saved on your system. With the aid of cookies, websites remember your activity and preferences (such as sign-in information, language, font size, and other preferences related to format) for a certain period of time, so that you don’t have to always enter information again when you return to a website or if you move to another page while browsing. The cookies for collect the following information from people signed into the system (administrators and main user):
– username
– name
– e-mail address
– time and date of visit

Blocking cookies
In all of the most commonly used browsers it is possible to disable cookies if you do not wish to accept them. Check your browser’s user instructions to learn how you can change the cookie settings. Please note that some features on the website may only be used limitedly if you disable cookies.
– Internet Explorer
– Mozilla Firefox
– Google Chrome
– Safari

Ordering the newsletter
When you order the Viking Malt newsletter, your e-mail address is saved to enable sending the newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking the link in the newsletter e-mail. When you unsubscribe, your e-mail address is removed from our systems.

Information security
Viking Malt always protects the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data in accordance with the practices of the industry when transferring, saving, or processing it. Only authorised persons have access to the data in our systems. Viking Malt does not disclose data to any third parties.

The rights of the data subject and contacting Viking Malt
You have the right to see the personal data saved about you. You can request the data for viewing by contacting Viking Malt at info(at) At your request Viking Malt will rectify, remove, or supplement erroneous, unnecessary, incomplete, or redundant personal data relating to you.